Thursday, August 29, 2013


Stonehenge in LA?
This is something fun to do with the kids while in LA. That's Lower Alabama to you non-residents. What? You thought I was talking about Los Angles? Pshaw.

Seriously, there is a replica of Stonehenge, some dinosaurs and a tres cool fountain celebrating Neptune/Poseidon in Josephine, Al. I am told there is a display of antique outboard motors in Barber Marina as well, but I did not go in because I had a dog with me. This is not that far from the beaches and other attractions on the Gulf coast. It is not an all-day affair, but stop for lunch and combine a stop at the Foley museum, or Tanger Outlets and you have a day off the beach.

Best of all, aside from lunch, it is free. My favorite word.

Yep. A dinosaur. And not at the Alabama statehouse.
I don't know if the dinos are life-sized or to scale, but I had the afore-mentioned dog with me when I went exploring (PLEASE leash and pick up after your pet!) and when we pulled up to one dinosaur, seen at right,  the dog pricked her ears, and kept looking at the triceratops replica. She kept looking and shying away, looking at me as if to say, “Are you crazy,” when we approached. We finally got close enough for her to take a sniff and then she was calm.

After the kids (and who is fooling who, the adults) have admired the dinos, proceed
further down and see the fountain. If you want to stop at the marina for snacks or to use the bathroom, DON'T go to the “Hatteras” place. Instead, continue around the fountain, and take the road about three-quarters around the circle. This is Barber's Marina where I understand there are snacks, restroom, and the antique outboards. There are also some interesting sculptures in the woods between the fountain and Barber's Marina.

Now Stonehenge. Or Bamahenge. As you leave the fountain and marina, heading back to Alabama 95, watch to your left. You will see the gray “stones” though the trees. You can turn in off the road to an unpaved area (it can be muddy) to park. Then walk a short distance to the replica. The “stones” are fiberglass, but they are set up in the same relationship as the more famous ruin in England. It's fun to look, and if you do some reading on the place even educational (Don't tell the kids.)

Take the car to U.S. 98 eastbound in Foley. Proceed along through Elberta, and take a right at the Alabama 95 marker. There is Elberta Animal Hospital and a gas station/convenience store on the corner. You will also see a Barber Marina sign. Keep going down 95 Until you see Fish Trap Road and another Barber sign. Take a right. Your next left (and another marina sign) will be the road leading to the dinos, fountain marina and Bamahenge.

Enjoy. Take lots of bug repellent (the mosquitoes are hungry.) Curb pets and above all, be respectful. George Barber, the marina owner put these things out there for all to see.


  1. Love this should be in, Azaelia Magazine. Baldwin currents.

  2. Headed down tomorrow... So glad I read this! We thought all that was down there was Bamahenge!